Collection: Gather Grills

Your Epic Grill, Griddle, FirePit, Smoker, Table Adventure Awaits

The ultimate outdoor cooking device unites utility and diners.

If being separated has taught us anything, it’s the value of being together. Gatherings that we’ve taken for granted in the past are no longer just about another get-together. We’ve learned that our relationships help make us who we are. For millennia, those ties have been formed and strengthened by sharing the fruits of our labor around the crackling of a fire pit.

It’s that tradition of food and fire that inspired the creation of Gather Grills. With a desire to renew our relationships and bring friends and family back together, creator Jed Strange designed the ultimate fire-burning, food-cooking, guest-gathering table grill. The fire may last only a short time, but the human bonds last a lifetime.

Gather Grills