Gather 35-Inch Pioneer

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35” Pioneer

Standard Backyard

Gathering a little larger group? Take a look at the Pioneer. This 35” grill table is the next size up from the Tailgater. Even though it’s our second smallest grill, it’s still larger than most ceramic, charcoal, or gas grills. The Pioneer is designed for normal sized back yards, decks and patios.

Tailored toward the more typical cookout crowd, this table grill seats up to six friends and can easily feed 14 or more. The Pioneer is suited for the grill master who regularly cooks for six to eight diners but also wants the ability to grill for the bigger holiday or birthday crowd. If you’ve got a larger family or core group of friends you like to gather together, the Pioneer could be the perfect size for you.

The Pioneer includes the bowl, table, adjustable legs, 1 interchangeable grate, 1 interchangeable griddle, and 1 smoker hood.


Room to Relax

The Pioneer comes with the fire bowl, table, and can accommodate any combination of two grill grates, griddles, or hoods. When the table is open and ready for guests, the full width is 61 inches. The grill table sits 23” off the ground without the casters and 29” with the casters. The Pioneer weighs 415 pounds, but can be moved short distances over solid surfaces by using the casters.


Let the Pioneer be Your Entertainment Trailblazer

The Pioneer Grill size can accommodate (7) heat-resistant placemats and (7) stainless steel coasters. If you love to grill and also want the capacity to get into some serious smoking, get your ribs, brisket, turkey, or pork shoulder ready for the Pioneer.


Fire Up the Pioneer for a Crowd

The Pioneer offers an impressive cooking capacity. You’ll get 961 square inches of wide open space for grilling and 480 square inches to roam for baking or smoking. The Pioneer won’t let you down; it can grill 40 hamburgers at once, 22 rib-eyes, 4 Boston Butts or racks of ribs, or two briskets

Make Your Own Path

The Pioneer comes with everything you need to get cooking for your fellow grilling explorers, but if you want to add on some extra grill grates or griddles, another half hood, or other accessories, we’ve got you covered.


Hold Your Horses!

Does the Pioneer sound great, but still not enough for your neighborhood party or big birthday events? Take a look at the 39” Entertainer or the 46” Reunion. Maybe the Pioneer is too much grill. You can always scale back to the Tailgater.

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