WPPO, LLC 18V Rechargeable Ash Vacuum with Attachments


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Make clean up easy with the new WPPO ash vacuum. No need to search for an electrical outlet, this vacuum has a long life, 18 volt rechargeable battery for convenient on-the-go clean up in your backyard, tailgate, boat or camper. It has a fire retardant filter as well as a 39-inch metal-lined suction hose so you do not have to worry if you vacuum up a hot ember by accident. The nozzle attachments included are an aluminum nozzle, a plastic nozzle and a brush nozzle for a variety of uses. It also includes a vacuum tube attachment for hard to reach places such as a pellet auger. Endless options from cleaning the ash out of pizza ovens or getting pellets out of the hopper to using around the inside of your home or vehicle. It is also useful as a blower to stoke your fire. Comes as a complete kit including the vacuum, 18 volt battery, charger, HEPA filter, fire retardant filter, and accessory bag with all the attachments you will need.

  • Fire retardant filter providing a safe way to clean
  • Large 20 liter capacity canister allows for less time emptying
  • Use as a blower to stoke your fire for a dual purpose unit
  • Includes the vacuum, HEPA and fire retardant filters, 18v battery, charger, and accessories bag

Includes the following accessories:

  • HEPA filter
  • Fire-retardant filter
  • Long-life 18-volt battery
  • Charger
  • Short beveled nozzle
  • Long beveled nozzle
  • Accessories bag
  • Coupler
  • Brush
  • Metal-lined suction hose
  • Vacuum tube for hard-to-reach placed (pellet auger)

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