Wilmington Grill Lava Rock Tray for 30-Inch Grills

Wilmington GrillSKU: WG-LR-1

Sale price$250.00


Lava Rock Tray

The Wilmington Grill Lava Rock Tray works with Wilmington Grill gas grills.  Easy to convert, the Lava Rock Tray replaces the current flame tray in your Wilmington grill. The Lava Rock Tray has openings cut to hold the lava rocks in place. When in use, the drippings from your foods fall onto the lava rocks, producing smoke to help flavor your foods. 

The Wilmington Grill Lava Rock Tray is made from heavy duty 304 stainless steel. It includes the lava rocks, and is compatible with Wilmington Grill's Classic, Deluxe, Drop-In, and Master grills.

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