Surebond SB Power Sprayer


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Save Time and Money with the SEK-Surebond SB-Power Sprayer

 The SB-Power Sprayer is a completely self-contained, cordless sprayer with industrial grade sprayer components and a rugged handcart. Its design ensures long term durability and dependability for both residential and commercial project use. The ease of application is sure to reduce labor cost to a fraction of what it would be using a traditional handheld or back pack sprayer.


  • Rugged Stainless Steel Construction with Chemical Resistant Components
  • EZ Loading with Standard 5 Gallon Pails
  • Dual Power Source: Gel Cell Battery with Built-In Battery Charger Using Battery Tender Technology. Runs Off of 110V Cord As Well
  • Single Charge Provides 6 Hours of Usage and Applies Up to 720 gallons of Sealer
  • Up to 2 Gallons Per Minute Application Rate
  • 20 Ft. Heavy Duty Hose
  • Built In Ergonomic Hand Grips

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