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For a product as strong as SF-8™ Adhesive, SRW needed a cleaner just as strong. SF-8™ Cleaner is essential for use of SF-8™ Adhesive. SF-8™ Cleaner clears out the SF-8™ Dispenser with a pull of a trigger. It can also be used with the attached spray nozzle for spot cleaning on the job.


  • Twists on the SF-8 Dispenser for easy cleaning 
  • Includes spray nozzle for spot cleaning on the job site 
  • 16 oz can for extended use 


*This product is sold by the carton which contains 12 cans*



  • When attaching SF-8™ Cleaner to dispenser gun spray cleaner until residue comes out clear
  • Allow cleaner to remain in dispenser gun for roughly 15 minutes
  • Always remove SF-8™ Cleaner from dispenser gun and apply a new adhesive canister



SRW Products SF-8 Adhesive



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