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The long lasting and easily adjustable dispenser gun for both SF-8™ Adhesive and SF-8™ Cleaner


  • Stainless steel rod 
  • Steel extension 
  • Fully adjustable dial
  • Turn adjustable dial clockwise to prevent release during transport or in storage
  • Rod gasket lifetime (wear): >100,000 cycles


  • Always store with a canister of adhesive attached
  • Make sure to run adhesive through gun prior to storing
  • Extrude SF-8 Adhesive once a week when in storage to keep gun viable
  • Close the valve of the SF-8 Dispenser after each use to prevent accidental discharge
  • Make sure SF-8 Dispenser flow control dial is fully closed before connecting a canister
  • Keep nozzle 3/4” away from surface
  • Precision application & bead control
  • Adjust output of adhesive with flow control dial

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