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Rico Rock inc.

Rico Rock® Contemporary Waterfalls QB Series (Quarry Block)

Rico Rock® Contemporary Waterfalls QB Series (Quarry Block)

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Natural Limestone Quarry Blocks are popular in many states and Canada because their shapes and textures work well with modern architecture. They are hard to use in a pool setting because they deteriorate easily.

Rico Rock Quarry Blocks are made of the same high tech concrete mix used on thousands of our rock waterfall kits. They are dense, virtually waterproof, and the color is integral. No stains are used, although they could be colored. All RicoRock products are user friendly and safe to climb on. Dealers are responsible for the safe use on a swimming pool. If used as jump rocks, various codes apply.


QB Pieces and Dimensions

Rico Rock QB Pieces and Dimensions

Shown here are the different Quarry Block pieces available along with their dimensions. Please note that QB 2 can be used vertically or horizontally (keep scrolling to see the different uses.)


4 Foot QB Bench

4 Foot QB Bench 1

Shown here with 24 inch weir (included) and a live edge, textured cap stone. Integral Limestone color (not Acrylic like our rock colors). 

4 Foot QB Bench 2

Shown here with a vertical QB2  and a 12 inch weir (not operating in this pic.)


6 Foot QB Bench

6 ft qb bench

Shown here with a 36 inch weir (included) and a live edge cap.  Granite color with mica.

6 ft qb

Shown here with a simple LED light strip.  The hollow cavity allows for light accessories to be hidden.


Simple Grotto

 Two QB 1’s and QB 3 as a grotto lid.  

Construction is like the Loveseat Grotto: wall cores and grotto lid top are steel reinforced concrete.  Various weir options available. 1,000 load capacity if properly installed.

Stairway Waterfall

 Two Piece

QB 2, vertical with 12 inch weir and QB 1, flat.

two piece

Three Piece

QB 3 is added to Two Piece Vertical piece QB 2 must bolted to deck.

three piece

Side by Side

Artist concept

side by side


Architectural Grotto

Concept by by Sandro Pelicie

architectural grotto

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