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HALO Prime1100 Outdoor Pellet Grill

HALO Prime1100 Outdoor Pellet Grill

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The HALO Prime1100 Outdoor Pellet Grill is the latest innovation in outdoor cooking, offering the ultimate versatility, portability, and performance. With this pellet grill with over 1100 sq in cooking surface, you can add some flare to your traditional grilling setup and create food that’s bursting with unmatched smoky flavor.

The grill features patented ignitor technology that allows for either the included AC adapter or a rechargeable lithium-ion battery (sold separately) powered operation, providing a truly untethered cooking experience. The dual-auger and split front hopper of this pellet grill smoker enable efficient pellet feeding and effortless pellet blending, giving you the ultimate flexibility in flavor profiles.

With 1,129 sq. in. of cook space, the grill is compact yet large enough to smoke or grill for a group. This grill features a large and bright controller to set your desired temperature between 180-500 degrees F. The direct sear + flare-up control plate allows for high-temperature cooking, while the tuck-away + expandable upper smoking rack provides added versatility.

Our lift-off design allows for the grill to be removed from the cart and placed onto a truck bed or picnic table, making it the perfect full-size addition to any tailgating experience. We’ve incorporated low-pellet sensors that activate our first-ever Hopper Rumblers™ that shake every last pellet down into the auger for efficient hands-off feeding into the burnpot.

The durable construction, roll-top lid, sturdy X-Cart, and 360-degree rolling casters ensure the grill is built to last. With the HALO Prime1100, outdoor cooking enthusiasts can enjoy real smoke flavor, true portability, and quality performance, no matter where they go.



  • 1100 sq in pellet grill with 18.5lb hopper (approximately 1,129 sq. in. of cooking space)
  • 18.5lb hopper capacity
  • Front Hopper features a dual auger for blending two different types of pellets
  • A/C Adapter Included in our portable pellet grill. Or, make it truly portable with a patented battery-powered operation option (Halo Battery)
  • Direct Sear + Flare-Up Control Plate
  • Tuck-away upper smoking rack for more versatility in your cook space
  • Low-Pellet Sensors activate Hopper Rumblers for efficient pellet feeding
  • Easily detaches from X-Cart to use on a tabletop
  • Includes bubble level and adjustable casters ensure your cook surface is level
  • Durable construction, roll-top lid, sturdy x-cart, 360 degrees rolling casters



Width 66.14"
Depth 33.46"
Height 48.43"
Weight 163 lbs
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