Bromic Eclipse Smart-Heat™ 3300W Mounting Poles

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Eclipse Wall Mount Pole

The Eclipse Wall Mount Pole will allow your Eclipse Heater to be easily mounted on walls and structures. Delivered in a double-coated steel with a matte black finish, the curved Eclipse Wall Mount Pole offers a striking, yet simple and timeless design.

Eclipse 24 Inch Curved Pole

Make a statement with our Eclipse 24″ Curved Pole. Finished in the Eclipse’s signature matte black design, this uniquely shaped pole will ensure your Eclipse Heater will turn any ceiling into a focal point.

Eclipse 48 Inch Straight Pole

Perfect for places with high ceilings, our Eclipse 48″ Straight Pole will make sure your Eclipse heater can be lowered to the ideal height of around 8′ to ensure it deliver the optimum heat and light coverage.

Eclipse 24 Inch Straight Pole

The Eclipse 24″ Straight Pole is perfect for anyone who is looking for a more minimal version of our standard 24″ Twin Pole. Made with premium, double coated steel, the 24″ Straight Pole offers a matte black finish and clean lines to complement the simplistic beauty of your Eclipse Heater.

Eclipse 8 Inch Straight Pole

The Eclipse 8″ Inch Pole allows for the mounting of your Eclipse Heater as close to the ceiling as possible, while still meeting minimum clearance requirements and delivering the optimum heat and light coverage. With its signature matte black finish, the Eclipse 8″ Inch Pole will enlighten, warm and refine any outdoor space.

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