Alfresco Accessory Door Bin

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Alfresco Accessory Door Bin


provides a premium accessory door bin for use with your Alfresco doors. Simply connect the bin to one of the multiple mounting options on the inside of your door to add more storage space to keep items close at hand.


  • Stainless Steel Construction - Made from heavy-duty 304 stainless steel for added durability
  • Never Can Have Too Much Storage!

(XEDS-1) fits doors:

  • 17 In. Island Access Door Enclosures Only (AXE-17E)
  • 30 In. Island Access Door Only (AXE-30)
  • 32 Inch Single Door and Triple Drawer Combo Left Hinge (AXE-DDC-L-SC) and Right Hinge (AXE-DDC-R-SC)

(XEDS-2) fits doors: 

  • 23 In. Island Access Door Enclosures Only (AXE-17),
  • 42 In. Island Access Door Enclosures Only (AXE-42)

(XEDS-3) fits doors:

  • 36 In. Island Access Door Enclosures Only (AXE-36)

(XEDS-4) fits doors: 

  • 17 In. Door and Drawer Combo Left Hinge (AXE-DDR-L-SC) or Right Hinge (AXE-DDR-R-SC), 
  • 17 In. Door and Towel Holder Combo Left Hinge (AXE-DTH-L) and Right Hinge (AXE-DTH-R)

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