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SRW Products PRX Paver Restore X-treme - Specialty Seal™

SRW Products PRX Paver Restore X-treme - Specialty Seal™

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Restore old paver surfaces and add rich color with this pigmented sealer. The color reviving technology makes old pavers look new again by evening out irregularities among older pavers. Add protection with a high-gloss finish. This solvent-based sealer adds long lasting durability even in x-treme conditions. Can be used for residential or commercial applications. Can also be used on new pavers to enhance and prolong coloring and uniformity of the paver surface.


  • Restores faded pavers with color reviving technology

  • High gloss, wet look, restoring pigmented sealer

  • Highlights and preserves the natural pigments in the surface

  • Percolates around exposed aggregate to even out irregularities and adds rich color

  • Highly durable, long lasting protection for extreme conditions

  • Recommended for driveways & commercial applications

  • Provides superior protection against freeze/thaw cycles, deicing salts, and chemical erosion and efflorescence

  • Designed for exterior use


  • Concrete Pavers
  • Projects include:
    • Driveways
    • Patios/Walkouts
    • Pool Decks
    • Exposed aggregate concrete
    • Stamped Concrete


*This product is sold by the carton (four - 1 gallon cans per carton) OR 5 gallon bucket*


PRX Specialty Seal Technical Data Sheet




  • Wait 28 days after installing polymeric sand before sealing.
  • Thoroughly sweep surface of joint sand or loose material.
  • Spot clean if needed with one of the SRW Specialty Clean™ products. Then prepare surface with an SRW Products General Purpose Cleaner.


  • After cleaning, wait at least 24 hours before sealing. Surface and joints must be completely dry.
  • Recommended application temperatures are 50°F - 80°F (10°C - 27°C) from installation through the cure process.
  • Do not apply if inclement weather is forecasted within 24 hours.


  • STIR THOROUGHLY. Be sure to stir prior to and during use. Due to pigment, PRX should be blended every 20 minutes.
  • Apply with an SRW Products approved Slit Foam Roller and sprayer.
  • For best results, spray then back roll. This prevents an uneven finish. A 2-person application is recommended.
  • Start at the highest project elevation. Do not allow sealer to pool on surface or in joints.
  • Repeat if desired. 


  • Allow sealed area to dry and cure 24 hours.
  • Protect area from water and rain until dry.
  • Dry-tack free: 25 minutes
  • Foot traffic: 24 hours
  • Vehicle traffic: 72 hours

Note all calculations based on 68°F-77°F (20°C-25°C)

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