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Gensun, a premier manufacturer of Outdoor Furniture and Kitchens, goes above and beyond in the areas design, product detail, quality, and service. We also understand that it takes more than this. It takes hard work and people who are dedicated to doing what's right and doing what's right – right now. We want to make sure that your outdoor room is the relaxing retreat you deserve.

Outdoor Kitchens are available in 12 popular predesigned Islands or you can design your own kitchen. Gensun's pre-designed kitchen islands come complete or you can choose your appliances from many other quality companies.

There are 21 color finishes for all of our collections, 6 scratch resistant embellished finishes that are available on Paradise, Madrid II and Meridian tops, countertops and Fusion and Talia, 3 stone impression finishes that are available on Paradise, Madrid II and Meridian Tops, countertops and Fusion and Talia. Most collections are warehoused in the best-selling finishes.

Gensun has many fine retailers across North America that provide excellent sales consultation and customer service. We recommend that customers buy from the retailer that provides quality service to them during and after the sale. It is important to have the retailer provide proper delivery to the patio or room of choice. Gensun outdoor products are an investment that will provide years of enjoyment and we want to make sure that our customers are taken care of throughout the life of the furniture!


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