X Series Smokeless Fire Pit Insert Bundle

Breeo Fire PitsSKU: BR-X30SS

Size: X30
Material: Stainless Steel
Model: Searplate
Sale price$2,099.00


You want a beautiful stone or concrete fire pit, but you don’t want the smoke. That’s why we built the Insert Ring. Designed to bring the benefits and functionality of a freestanding Breeo smokeless fire pit without compromising your ideal aesthetic. The X19 Insert Ring Bundle fits any opening that is at least 15" deep and 22"- 26" wide and includes everything you need to make your built-in fire pit smokeless. The X24 Insert Ring Bundle fits any opening that is at least 15" deep and 27"- 33" wide and includes everything you need to make your built-in fire pit smokeless. Block surround is not included. Click here for instructions on how to install the Insert Ring

  • Smokeless Technology - Using our patent-pending X Airflow™ system and double-wall convection, Breeo fire pits burn their own smoke so you have more flame and less tears.
  • The Breeo Ecosystem - The X19 & X24 Insert Ring Bundles are compatible with all accessories and allows you to choose your fire pit finish, add a SearPlate™ rim, and cook with the full capability of a freestanding Breeo smokeless fire pit.
  • Easy Installation - Set the Insert Ring on your stone or concrete coping. Slide the fire pit in. Easily pull it out when you want to move it again. It’s that simple. No assembly required. Your Insert Ring bundle ships fully assembled and ready to light.
  • Unparalleled Versatility - Take your fire pit camping with you or leave it in your patio masonry. The choice is yours. The portable X Series smokeless fire pit is designed for versatility to fit your lifestyle.
  • Family Friendly - A safer solution to the fire pit, the Insert Ring bundle allows for a buffer between your smokeless fire pit and your kids.
  • USA Made - Always. We like to keep a close eye on our products, and we know the only way to do that is to keep it in house, here in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Your smokeless fire pit is held to a higher standard from start to finish.
  • Built to Last - The shine of 304 Stainless Steel or the architectural vibe of Corten Steel? Truth is, you can’t go wrong. Both metals will last a lifetime. Used in commercial kitchen appliances and automotive wheels and rims, 304 Stainless Steel is designed for sleek performance. Corten Steel, on the other hand, is engineered to develop a weathered iron oxide surface coating (patina), protecting your fire pit from the elements the same way it does for bridges and building facades around the globe. Your Corten fire pit will arrive in a blue steel finish, and will develop the patina over time. Whether you choose Stainless Steel or Corten, your smokeless fire pit is built to withstand the elements and the test of time.

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