Weatherized Outdoor TV 43-Inch Converted Samsung TV

Weatherized Protection Option: The Elite
Sale price$2,749.00


Watch movies or sports outdoors with stunning visuals using this Weatherized Samsung 43-inch 4K LED smart outdoor TV. The 4K resolution provides vivid picture quality and lets you see details with clarity outdoors with our calibration system. This Samsung 43-inch 4K LED Smart Weatherized Outdoor TV is large enough to provide an immersive experience, while the built-in Wi-Fi gives you access to streamed content.

The Weatherized ELITE model is designed for open areas!

The ELITE is a Full Protection TV.

We apply our specialized hydrophobic treatment to the television brands you know best so that you can enjoy crystal clear picture quality outside. All of our ELITE Full Protection TVs have been fully treated inside and out in order to withstand moisture, corrosion, dust, and rain. Because of their internal and external treatment - these TVs are perfect for any outdoor environment! These units boast specially calibrated screens for optimized viewing. Place TV in indirect sunlight for best viewing. Keep in mind, even in direct sunlight these TVs cannot outshine the sun. We highly suggest mounting the TV on a tilt-mount or articulating mount to help deflect glare on the screen. For this reason, we also include mounting screws which have been sealed for additional protection against the elements! Think critically and carefully about the placement of your TV.

Do you have a FULLY covered patio?

Then the Weatherized PRESTIGE model is designed for FULLY covered patios ONLY!


With our specialized hydrophobic treatment applied to the television brands you know best, we ensure brilliant picture quality in an outdoor environment. All of our PRESTIGE Covered Patio TVs have been fully treated internally to resist corrosion, humidity, and dust. Featuring a bright specially calibrated screen for optimal viewing in shaded areas - these TVs are perfect for use under a patio or covered area and should not be fully exposed to rain, moisture or direct sunlight. Think critically and carefully about the placement of your TV.


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