IR Energy EvenTube Heater

IR EnergySKU: ETS40N

EvenTube Series Option: ETS (9')
EvenTube Finish Option: Marine Grade Aluminum
EvenTube Heat Output Option: 40N
Sale price$2,529.00


Even Tube Heater Features:

  • Superior craftsmanship, efficiency with a modern, sleek design
  • Lowest profile in the industry for series ETS/ETSV
  • Dual outputs from 30,000 BTU/hr to 100,000 BTU/hr
  • Effective for ceiling or wall heights 9’ to 16’
  • Both indoor and outdoor applications available
  • Available in stainless steel, 316 marine grade stainless, and black providing the best quality in the industry
  • Every heater is factory tested and inspected prior to shipping
  • More intense and even heat footprints ranging from 192ft² to 672ft²


0% Tube Impingement

Each evenTUBE Heater is designed to direct all the infrared energy down to the patrons below, where it is meant to be! Resulting in lower top clearances, even heat distribution & more heat output.


Uniform Design with Custom Features Available

Enquire about how IR Energy can create an exclusive look and feel to your patio through custom additional services.


Sleekest profile in the industry 

our ETS/ETSV models have revolutionized the outdoor tube heating market! At less then 7" deep, customers can design it inot aesthetic applications and fully utilize its low top clearance.


Dual Stage Output

Standard in all EvenTUBE models. Choose from high or low fire to help optimize the comfort of your outdoor space. 30,000 btu/hr to 100,00 btu/hr are available.


Model ETS

The sleekest tube heater on the market today. At less than 7” deep, we deliver a modern, sleek heating solution to our client’s outdoor space.


  • In addition to its lean profile, the ETSV delivers the most event heat pattern on all models
  • Perfect for colder areas and higher hanging requirements
  • True two-stage
  • Wind resistant up to 12mph
  • 40,000 & 80,000 BTU/hr, indoor vented
  • Self-diagnostic ignition module
  • Effective for ceiling heights 9’ to 16’
  • Reflector also available in 316 marine grade stainless and black finish
  • Clearance to combustibles as low as 4”
  • Up to 50% electrical energy savings with powerful PSC motor
  • Available vented or unvented
  • Easy to install maintenance-free heat solution
  • Compatible with smart wireless technology



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