Bull Steel Island Vent Panel

Vent Material: Galvanized Steel
Sale price$12.00


  • An outdoor kitchen structure is no different from any other environment or structure that handles gas equipment. It simply needs to be ventilated because, without proper airflow, trapped gases can cause an explosion that can oftentimes result in terrible injuries or even death.
  • The most important thing when installing gas vent panels into your outdoor kitchens is to consider placement. At companies like Bull BBQ, we place several vents in our outdoor kitchens to create a cross-flow of air. The rule of thumb is to place a vent panel every 6-feet in your outdoor kitchen space and to simply remember that too many vents are not a bad thing.
  • By nature, propane gas is heavier than oxygen, making it more susceptible to collecting in places without airflow. Natural Gas, although lighter than oxygen, can also build up. These types of gases can and will collect in confined areas, making it imperative that an outdoor kitchen be vented correctly to allow these gasses to escape.
  • BBQ Island vent panels do a lot more than just regulating the gas airflow of the interior of your outdoor kitchen, they considerably help with the help of airflow in general. For instance, let?s say that your outdoor kitchen project is near a beach or coastal climate. The salty atmosphere of that environment over a long period of time can be trapped in the interior of your bbq island cabinet and cause rust and could essentially decay the structure as a whole.
Overall Dimensions: 11 7/8" Wide x 3 3/4" High

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