Bull Bison Premium Complete Charcoal Grill Cart

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When it comes to creating the perfect charcoal grill - it takes time, patience and a keen understanding of great cooking performance. With the newly design Bison Premium, Bull BBQ has created quite possibly one of the greatest charcoal grills on the market. Redesigned with performance and function at heart, adding key elements that will elevate your cooking experience and a newly designed front that is sure to make any outdoor backyard patio look like an architects masterpiece. The Bull BBQ Premium Bison 30-inch freestanding charcoal grill (88000) offers a new venting system that allows for optimum airflow - allowing you to reach temperatures of over 800 degrees for premium searing heat. A redesigned lid now features a thick refrigerated gasket ensures that all flavors generated by the beast are locked in, allowing to create the perfect bark to meats such as tri-tips, briskets and much more. A redesigned crank handle allows you to quickly take your cooking height from grate-level to "low in slow" in a matter of seconds. Four(4) commercial-grade casters (2 locking) allow you to move your Bull freestanding charcoal Premium Bison anywhere on your back patio with ease. An included warming rack allows you to keep food warm and ready for enjoyment at any time. Whether you're looking to enjoy a nice weekend grill or are an avid backyard smoker, the Bull BBQ Bison Premium Bison Grill (88000) will help you obtain the perfect backyard barbecue. Two(2) heavy duty side shelves with towel bowl handle on each end and tool hangers ensure you have room to place your main course meals, prepare food or set your side dishes down in ease. 

This complete cart comes with the Bison Premium Drop In Charcoal Grill (SKU: 88787) and the Bison Premium Cart Bottom (SKU: 88900).

  • 14 gauge 304 stainless steel construction for long lasting durability.
  • Newly designed venting system allows for optimum airflow - reach temperatures of over 800 degrees.
  • 1,020 Square inches of total cooking surface (810 on cooking grates/ 210 on warming rack).
  • Redesigned crank handle quickly takes your cooking height from grate-level to "low in slow" in seconds.
  • Thick refrigerated gasket ensures that all flavors generated are sealed in the hood.
Overall Dimensions: 54 1/4" Wide x 46 1/2" High x 23" Deep

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