Blaze Grill Skins

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Blaze Skin Color: Rose Gold
Blaze Grill Size: 3- Burner
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Grill Skins

Easily change the look and feel of your outdoor kitchen with the next line of Blaze Grill Skins, available in 2 beautiful new colors — Rose Gold and Black. These Blaze Grill Skins can add an air of sophistication to your outdoor kitchen or help you carry out a backyard redesign for minimal cost and effort.

Love your grill’s stainless steel look but have a few dings and scratches you’d rather guests not notice? You’re in luck! Blaze also offers a Stainless Steel Grill Skin to conceal imperfections and maintain that gorgeous original stainless aesthetic.

  • Change the look of your grill with ease whenever you please
  • 2 new grill skin colors available: Rose Gold and Black
  • Stainless Steel skin covers up imperfections while reinforcing a sleek aesthetic
  • Available for Premium LTE and Professional LUX Gas Grills
  • Available while supplies last for 3-Burner Prelude LBM Grill

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