Surebond - SB-7700 Antifungal Sealer and Joint Sand Stabilizer
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Surebond - SB-7700 Antifungal Sealer and Joint Sand Stabilizer

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1 Gallon (Must purchase 6 gallon case) - $59.34 per gallon 5 Gallon Pail - $288.76

Joint sand stabilizing sealers perform two tasks at once. The sealer stabilizes the sand in the joints to prevent sand loss and to help retard weed growth. Sealer also provides the pavement with an even coverage of protection to seal the pavers making cleaning of any stains quick and easy. Depending on the application you can expect 3-5 years for patios and walkways from just one application and 2-3 years for driveways. Joint sand stabilizing sealers can be used just as a sealer for pavers, concrete and other masonry surfaces without joint sand stabilization.

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Surebond SB-7700 is a water-based, single component, epoxy modified, penetrating sealer specially formulated with anti fungal agents designed to help inhibit the growth of mold, fungi and moss on horizontal pavement surfaces. The product also protects concrete and masonry surfaces from salts, acids and other corrosive chemicals as well as helping to minimize overall surface weathering and deterioration. SB-7700 also contains UV inhibitors that prevent film degradation, discoloration and yellowing caused by exposure to harmful UV light.

  • Gallons
    1 gallon (6 gallons per case), 5 gallons
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